Emily Duncan

Emily Duncan

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology at Purdue University. I have been a part of the research team since May 2019. My role has been to assist in field and lab activities. These jobs include planting crops, disease rating, data processing, fungi inoculation, DNA extraction, and running gel electrophoresis. This lab has allowed me to use my molecular biology knowledge and apply it to corn, soy, and wheat diseases.


Duncan, E. A., Brand, S. B., and Telenko, D. E. P. 2023. Comparison of fungicide efficacy for foliar disease of soybeans in central Indiana, 2022. Plant Disease Management Reports. Vol 17: CF031.

Duncan, E. A., Brand, S. B., S. Shim, and Telenko, D. E. P. 2022. Fungicide comparison for foliar diseases in corn southwestern Indiana, 2021. Plant Disease Management Reports. Vol 16: CF064.

Duncan, E. A., J.D. Ravellette, and Telenko, D. E. P. 2021. Evaluation of fungicide for foliar diseases on corn in southwestern Indiana, 2020. Plant Disease Management Reports. Vol 15: CF085.

Emily Duncan
Field Crop Disease Identification
Data Collection
Data Analysis