Fusarium head blight of wheat

Tar spot of corn

White mold of soybean

Organic Grains Integrated Disease Management (IDM) Toolbox

Research Team:

PI: Darcy Telenko, Purdue University

Co-PIs: Damon Smith and Erin Silva, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat

Research question: Are there current varieties and OMRI products available that can minimize FHB in organic wheat?

Wheat trials will be established the preceding fall for implementation in the spring in Indiana and Wisconsin. Two modern organic wheat varieties and at least four OMRI approved products will be evaluated.


Tar Spot of Corn

Research question: Do OMRI approved foliar
fungicides show efficacy against tar spot of corn?

Corn trials will evaluate at least four OMRI products for tar spot in Indiana and Wisconsin. Initial treatments will occur based on disease scouting, crop growth stage, and Tarspotter, a tar spot disease forecasting app, with application targeted at tassel or flowering and applied once or twice during the growing season.


White Mold of Soybean

Research questions: Can an integrated approach provide adequate white mold control in organic soybean?

Trials will be established in fields with a history
of white mold and/or infested with S. sclerotiorum. A rye cover crop will be established the preceding fall for implementation of tillage in the trial in the spring. Tillage treatments will include tilled and no-tilled with rye roller-crimped. Two soybean varieties will be planted. OMRI approved Foliar fungicide treatments will be applied based on Sporecaster App during soybean flowering from R1 to R4. The app forecasts the presence of apothecia in a field predicting the optimum timing for white mold treatment.

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