Research - Overview

The Telenko Lab conducts research on the biology and management of major diseases of corn, soybean and wheat. Field research trials explore a variety of approaches to manage the many diseases of corn, soybean, and wheat. These trials are designed to address the needs of Indiana field crop producers, as identified in Dr. Telenko's Extension Program.

Telenko Lab Research Presentations

Dr. Telenko is responsible for developing and executing an Extension program that educates agribusiness clientele on the importance of effective and economical disease management for agronomic crops. Over 20 diseases of corn, soybean, and wheat may affect crops in a single growing season. This significantly impacts the health of these commodities and can result in losses of profitability making disease identification and management a primary concern.

The primary focus of the extension program is recognizing and understanding new diseases and their potential impact on Indiana agriculture, and quickly and effectively distributing information in the event of a disease threat to Indiana crop production.

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