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Gray Leaf Spot of Corn

Southern Rust of Corn

Foliar Disease Management in Corn

Disease Distribution

Documenting and confirming the distribution of southern rust of corn Indiana - 2021 end of season tracking.

southern rust 2021

Integrated Disease Management

Field evaluation of fungicide efficacy and timing for foliar disease management in Indiana.

Southern Rust 2020 trial

Foliar diseases, such as gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and southern rust, continue to be of concern to Indiana growers. Dr. Telenko's lab actively monitors for these current and emerging diseases in corn to inform Indiana stakeholders of their potential risks. To do this sentinel and applied research plots are annually established across Indiana. In 2019 and 2020, seven sentinel corn plots were established to monitor for corn diseases. In addition, her lab established in-season statewide scouting efforts to document disease risks in the state. This included participating in the national tracking effort for southern rust of corn.

The ultimate goal of this research will be to improve our understanding of optimum timing and efficacy of foliar fungicides and provide Indiana farmers with valuable information on how to manage foliar disease in corn.

The results from applied research trials on tar spot can be found in the Applied Research in Field Crop Pathology Publication - BP-205-W - Links below.


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